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Novapizza Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant

Our inspiration is to combine the best of what Italian, vegan and vegetarian cuisine can offer. We are known for our sustainable, meat-free and vegan friendly menu.


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We are a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our restaurant has been open since 2015 making Novapizza the first meat-free Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Edinburgh. Our vegan pizza is made only in house with our signature dough and years of experience in Italian food scene. In 2017 our restaurant received The Scottish Food Awards & Academy Vegetarian Gold Medal.

We are based in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh at 42 Howe Street EH3 6TH.

Vegetarian options are at the centre of our menu and you can opt for dairy-free Parmesan, Blue Cheese or Mozzarella.

We also serve vegan Oreo cheesecake and vegan chocolate artisan desserts. Follow our food blog for more information on our menu and seasonal vegan or vegetarian meals.

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Our Team

Our work is our love story

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Clara Candiloro

Clara’s alma mater is Elsa Morante Istituto Alberghiero in Rome. Her speciality is to make a Roman-style pizza with a thin crust which is precisely what you get here at Novapizza. Clara only works with Italian style cuisine, wine and prosecco.

She spent 8 years mastering her expertise in Rome and Edinburgh before joining our vegetarian restaurant - and she hasn’t looked back since. Her passion for vegan food comes from admiring healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. Clara is a talented chef with a natural approach to food, its ingredients and seasonality.


Fabiana Pezone

Fabiana is from Rome, Italy and she is the heart and soul of Novapizza. Her passion for vegan and vegetarian food comes from the challenge of making it as sustainable and tasty as possible. If she’s not at the restaurant, Fabiana is behind the scenes exploring new recipes.

She took a lot of inspiration from pizzerias in Rome and was known for her speciality in vegetarian pizzas. She loves to care for fellow vegans and vegetarians by offering them the best pizzas in Edinburgh. Fabiana makes vegan prawns, vegan steaks and vegan cheesecake - her enthusiasm is unstoppable!

The Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association


Clara Candiloro competing for the UK national pizza chef award with the European Pizza and Pasta Show at Olympia, London.

Pizza name: Neapolitan Margherita

Ingredients: 100% Italian flour, fresh yeast, tomato and buffalo mozzarella.

Process: 72 hours of leavening, 90% dough humidity, pizza ball weight - 230g, stone baked at 350Β° for 3 minutes.